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Personalized loyalty marketing strategies for airlines

Airline frequent flyer programs are no new thing – they’ve been the cornerstone for loyalty and customer retention for some time now.

Despite this, existing schemes have struggled to adapt to the changing consumer. Consumers’ interests no longer lay solely in flying. Instead, they want a loyalty scheme which allows transferability of points and scheme which aids their overall lifestyle.

POINTS OF DIFFERENCE will explore how airlines can leverage data in their loyalty schemes to satisfy these wants - rewarding customers through the right channels, with the right products, at the right time.

It will feature out of industry speakers from experts in retail and data, as well as the best real-world airline case studies from the APAC region.

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Whether you provide technology solutions or retailing platforms for airlines and their strategic loyalty partners this is the event you need to attend. Please see below the companies that sponsored the event in 2018:

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