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How big data is revolutionizing predictive maintenance

FlightGlobal’s Aerospace Big Data Series connects airframe, engine and systems manufacturers, aftermarket service providers and technology companies with key airlines across the globe.

The series explores how big data and predictive analytics are transforming MRO, looking at how maintenance strategies can become pre-emptive instead of reactive.

Talks will center on how big data and next generation technologies can make a tangible difference to MRO operations. They will also explore the industry wide challenge of data sharing, with a focus on the different challenges facing specific airlines and regions.

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Key benefits of attending

1) Learn from the industry’s big data pioneers
2) Discuss how predictive maintenance is being scaled across different fleet types
3) Expand your professional network
4) Keep up to date with key disrupters and emerging trends
5) How to unlock real value from data and build your prognostics model
6) Airline case studies