Flight Ascend Consultancy Finance Masterclass - Dublin

30 April 2018, Dublin

31 May 2018, Frankfurt









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Commercial aviation asset values and valuations

Covering all aspects of commercial aircraft values, this one-day masterclass will give participants a thorough understanding of valuation types, the methodologies behind these and importantly, the benefits of each option for your organization in deriving the value of an asset.

Why attend?

Taught by industry-leading ISTAT certified valuations appraisers working at FlightGlobal’s advisory arm, Flight Ascend Consultancy, investing in this masterclass will give expert insight and knowledge to ensure your teams are better able to support the understanding and monitoring of aircraft values and risk for your organisation.

This will give participants practical tools and information they need to:  
  • Learn what commercial aviation values mean and how to put this into context
  • Interpret information to enable better decision making around values volatility and risk
  • Understand various time and market factors involved that will affect aircraft values
  • Have more impactful conversations with appraisers before, during and after an appraisal

Who should attend?

This masterclass is ideal for those new to aviation finance, those working at a junior or mid-analyst level, or even those who just want to understand more about the process involved in valuating aircraft assets and how this can help for more effective and efficient valuations. 

Those working within banks, operating lessors, traders, investors or airlines in the following areas would most benefit from participating in this masterclass:

  • Risk management
  • Portfolio management
  • Finance
  • Trading/Marketing
  • Asset management
  • Technical management  
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What is covered?

- Why invest in aircraft? 
- Aircraft life-cycles 
- Asset selection 
- Aircraft values from the investors’ perspective 
- Commercial aviation current and forecast asset values 
- Commercial aircraft valuation methodology

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Who will be leading this masterclass?

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