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How big data is revolutionizing the aerospace industry

With discussions at the leading edge of the aviation industry, FlightGlobal is now launching the Aerospace Big Data conference series, bringing the conversation to the Americas, Europe and Asia.

The second conference of the series will be held in London in November 2018, bringing together manufacturers, maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) providers, suppliers and airlines across EMEA to discuss and debate the hottest topics in digital transformation.

5 key topics for 2018

1. How are airlines maximizing value from predictive maintenance and maintaining cost?

2. How can data increasing exponentially be turned into actionable insight with real outcomes?

3. How does the legal landscape reflect in the big data environment of MRO?

4. What weak points do maintenance systems present in an airlines’ cyber infrastructure and how can this be monitored?

5. Optimizing sensor technology – what kinds of untapped information could be used for analytics?

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We have gathered together some of the most highly respected professionals in the industry to discuss the role of digital transformation and the impact it will have on big data. Among our esteemed speakers and panelists are:

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How will predictive maintenance and other emerging capabilities transform commercial aviation operations, drive efficiencies and take on-time performance to a new level? It’s all about unlocking the secrets of big data. View the agenda to find out the other key topics that will be discussed and debated at Aerospace Big Data Europe 2018. 

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Share insights and debate the hot topics with industry peers, while gaining access to key airline decision makers as they seek to understand the opportunities and challenges surrounding big data. Take advantage of the fact that top decision makers within the industry are all in one place with one of our sponsorship packages. We have a number of options available and can create bespoke packages to fit your needs.

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