Aerospace Big Data Singapore

19-20 March 2019





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Reshaping the future of MRO through predictive analytics

Fundamentally, big data is nothing new for the aerospace industry. Sensors have been collecting data to optimize operations, maintenance and training for years.

Next generation aircraft have IoT (internet of things) at their core and feature advanced sensors capable of generating terabytes of data. Airlines are beginning to recognize the value of effectively analysing the data, coupling it with the latest communications systems to make their maintenance programs pre-emptive instead of reactive.

Most of the industry agrees big data offers tangible benefits, especially where operational, maintenance and cost efficiencies are concerned. However, the problem to date has come through the interpretation and exchange of the data – how do we identify which patterns are and are not relevant, and how do we use that to deliver a real benefit? Moreover, can the industry establish a collaborative model that will allow a continual flow of data between the stakeholders?


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Key topics

1) Taking advantage of MRO growth in Asia Pacific, China and India
2) Evolving MRO strategies as new generation engine models come to market
3) Data exchange and collaboration
4) Bridging the skills gap
5) Achieving the full benefits of real time health management

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Steering committee

Safeer Azeez, Senior Manager, Information Services, Qatar Airways
Slawomir Horbaczewski,Chair of the Supervisory Board, SprintAir
Joel Felgar-Ferreira, Innovation Manager,TAP Air Portugal
Sekhar Mallipeddi, Director - Advisory, Consumer Markets, PwC
Chris Markou, Operational Cost Management for IATA's Operation, IATA
Marcin Pilarczyk, Data & Analytics Team Leader, Ryanair
Andrew Doyle, Director, Aerospace Market, FlightGlobal

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