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Digital innovations to drive profitability, efficiency and transparency in cargo

The air cargo market is currently valued at US$38.2bn – and it's just one of many modes of a much wider logistics industry.

In its current state, the industry is very fragmented. It recognizes the potential digitalization has to radically change and consolidate its operations. However, to date, despite regular conversations about the importance of digitalization, very little has changed. There are many contributing factors slowing the adoption process:

- Hesitancy because traditional models will be disrupted
- Lack of understanding about what digitalization actually is and what its components are
- Under investment in new technologies and platforms

FlightGlobal believe the supply chain and logistics sector has a bright future, with the ability to transform itself by 2030. To reach this goal, however, there will need to be a significant shake-up of established operating models and working practices. For all companies involved in the supply chain, there can be no more ‘business as usual’.

We are in the very early days of producing this conference so, if you would like to help shape the agenda, please do get in touch luke.hill@flightglobal.com.

Have a look at some of the companies already in attendance:

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Key Topics:

1. Digitization and the Fourth Industrial Revolution
2. Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
3. Blockchain being a game changer for supply chain visibility
4. Digital logistics market places
5. On-demand and crowd shipping
6. Rise of virtual forwarders