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How can data be used to anticipate flight disruption to save cost, reduce risk and deliver a great customer experience for the corporate traveler?

The inaugural Flight Disruption Forum 2018 is designed for airlines, TMCs, corporate travel managers and everyone in-between to network and openly discuss new:

• Cost effective methods of keeping travelers moving
• Methods for auditing the cost of flight disruption
• Ways to improve traveler experience and customer service
• Disruption strategies that are proactive as opposed to reactive

A bit of background

Flight disruption directly costs the US airline industry an estimated $30bn per year, before considering the wider impact of under-utilized assets, reputational damage, the cost to disrupted travelers, the impact on travelers’ productivity and total affected travel (hotels, taxis etc) which was estimated at $1.2-1.5 trillion (GBTA Outlook report 2016).

5 key topics

  1. Economist outlook – the real cost of flight disruption
  2. Road warrior dreams and nightmares “do’s and don’ts” proactive vs reactive flight re-accommodation and disruption management
  3. The evolution of proactive travel re-accommodation, risk reduction and duty of care  
  4. Making the best use of communication channels – how to build traveler loyalty during disruption
  5. Auditing disruption - how big data & AI may increase transparency around costs and booking.
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