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Future-proofing loyalty through data
driven insight

Loyalty programs were once a simple marketing tool to get customers earning points and flying with the same airline. In recent times, they have morphed into complex but revenue generating, networks of partnerships, tiers and rules – providing a gateway to greater customer data and insight.

Old patterns of consumer behaviour no longer hold true and so frequent flyer programs must change. Any program that does not utilize the data it gathers to improve the customer offering is falling short of its potential and having the adverse of the desired effect by alienating the customer.

This conference looks at the future of loyalty; how can data inform loyalty programs, make them personalized, and tackle challenges around customer engagement and redemption? In addition, the conference will look at how airlines can add value through experience-based rewards, giving loyalty members the opportunity to earn and redeem points through several avenues.

Discussions will explore how data can provide insight on customers’ mobile and omni-channel engagement, and in turn, how this data can open up new revenue channels. There will be a chance to learn from experts in AI, e-commerce, behavioural intelligence and customer engagement.

Have a look at some of the companies attending:

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Key topics

1) The future of lifestyle loyalty
2) Creating hyper-personalised and in-the-moment mobile experiences
3) Who owns the customer?
4) How do airlines monetize their data?
5) Mitigating fraud in loyalty programs
6) Emerging tech and disruptors

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Steering Committee

Georg Baust, Managing Consultant, Lufthansa Consulting
Frederic Kahane,VP Customer Loyalty, Air France-KLM
Nik Laming, GM Loyalty Division, Cebu Pacific Air
Annich McIntosh, Editor & CEO, Loyalty Magazine
Seth Miller, Principal, PaxEx.Aero
Mauro Rodrigues, Information Technology, Commercial Business Solutions, Tap Air Portugal

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Whether you provide technology solutions or retailing platforms for airlines and their strategic loyalty partners, this is the event you need to attend.

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