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The distribution strategies which deliver customers the right services, at the right time, and through the right channels.

Airlines are operating in a market where digitization is making it constantly harder to add value. In order to avoid being left behind, airlines must identify the tools which allow them to build value into their offering, presenting customers with the right offers and services, and on the right platform.

It is of increasing importance because, in today's market, airlines’ bottom line is being impacted by rising costs, shrinking margins, and fierce competition. To counteract, they must capitalize on the demands from increasingly tech-savvy customers to deliver more personalized offers, pricing, and products.

To achieve this, and engage dynamically with their customer base, airlines need to dramatically increase their capabilities, which are currently restricted by an over-reliance on GDS and third-party sales channels, as well as legacy infrastructure and systems.

Have a look at some of the airlines already in attendance:

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Key Topics

1) NDC / future distribution
2) Retail / ancillaries
3) Revenue management
4) Chatbots
5) PSS
6) Loyalty
7) Digital currency / Alternative Forms of Payment
8) Dynamic pricing
9) Personalisation
10) Blockchain and new payments

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Steering Committee

Dr. Narudh Cheramakara, Director of Aviation Research, Nok Airline
Greg Waldron, Asia Managing Editor, FlightGlobal 
Donna Bahar, Manager Distribution and Reservation Systems, EL AL Israel Airlines
Yanik Hoyles, Director NDC Program, IATA