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2018 categories

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Executive Leadership

For the airline president/chief executive who has demonstrated outstanding strategic thinking and leadership over the past year.

The Award recognizes the achievement of the individual executive, rather than the airline, based on areas such as:
  • Strong people/team leadership
  • Success in business transformation and restructuring
  • Establishing and executing against a clear corporate vision and strategy
  • Setting an innovative strategic direction with industry-wide implications
Particular note will be taken of achievements that have strategic lessons/application for the wider industry.

Sector Leadership

For the chief executive and management team demonstrating excellence leading a carrier providing strong transportation links within a market sector.

This category applies to all types of carriers - including scheduled, charter, passenger, cargo, and others - operating either independently or serving mainline network majors.

Low-Cost Leadership

For the chief executive and management team that have demonstrated excellence in leading a low-fare or ultra-low-fare carrier. This includes airlines that predominantly operate in one geographic region, offering low-fare, short-haul services and also the growing number of longer-haul operators that are adopting the (ultra) low-fare model. 

Among the key criteria are market stimulation through low fares, maintaining a tight grip on costs and production integrity, and taking innovative approaches to growing ancillary revenue streams.


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For the management team that has demonstrated excellence in any aspect of airline finance over the past year. This includes, but is not restricted to, recognition for a wide variety of potential accomplishments including major financial transactions, mergers & acquisitions, innovative asset or corporate financing strategies, financial restructuring programs, and cost reduction initiatives. 

Achievements should demonstrate success in laying down and completing a sound financial plan, with note taken of broader implications for the industry as a whole.


For the management team that has demonstrated excellence in any aspect of airline marketing over the past year. This includes excellence and innovation in areas including, but not restricted to, marketing strategy, new product development, branding, digital marketing, advertising and promotion, customer relationship management, ancillary revenue generation, sales, and distribution. 

Such recognition will focus on evidence of a focused and differentiated marketing strategy which has helped to strengthen or reshape a carrier's overall market positioning with strong commercial and financial results.

Network Strategy

For the management team that has demonstrated excellence in any aspect of network planning/scheduling and/or pricing/revenue management over the past year. This includes recognition for the design, development, implementation, and refinement of leading-edge concepts, methodologies, or systems in the area of network planning/scheduling and pricing/revenue management. Such innovations could relate to:

  • Long-range network planning/development; 
  • Near-term planning; 
  • Aircraft scheduling; 
  • Pricing, or revenue/yield management; or 
  • A combination of the above 


Network planning and revenue management are at the heart of an airline’s marketplace offering and profitability, so consideration will be given to airlines that move forward on truly innovative approaches that not only substantially improve a carrier’s competitiveness but also drive increased shareholder value while helping evolve the art of network strategy for the airline industry overall.

The Flight Airline Business Award

This special award is made by Flight Airline Business to recognise an individual making a lasting strategic contribution to the air transport business. Unlike the other awards, the final decision rests with the Airline Business team and represents recognition of strong leadership and strategic thinking.