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What our guests had to say...

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This dinner is one of the best networking and updating events I know of in the industry. You never know who you will meet: but for sure they will be from many different countries. The panel judging the awards are literally from all corners of the globe, and so are the award-winning airlines. If you are transatlantic-minded, it is a great way for those of us working in the US to catch up with what is going on “the other side”. Some American friends attending this are convinced the Middle Temple Great Hall venue is actually a Harry Potter movie set…. And then proceed to perform their magic, just to prove it. To any serious yet sociable industry participant, open to stimulation by new people in a quite unusual setting… These are the people you want to encounter!
Craig Jenks, Airline/Aircraft Projects

Thank you. It was a lovely and fun evening, and -- as ever -- your hospitality was great and very much appreciated.
Clay McConnell, Airbus Americas

Thank you for a very enjoyable evening at the Strats. It was a great turnout and, as usual, a very impressive line-up of ‘big beast’ CEOs. I’m sure everyone else had a similarly good evening. Thanks once again for your kind hospitality.
Marc Cornelius, 80:20

One of the premiere events of the aviation calendar. It's amazing how mature this event has become over the years, especially the high-calibre industry professionals who line up to attend. Add this to the historic ambience of the lower Temple and you have a setting that sets it apart from any other awards ceremony  The agenda fits the occasion, no needless speeches or distractions from the main awards ceremony and of course fitting to one of the most famous and historic locations in the city of London. A truly first class event, attended by the who’s who of aviation. I consider it a privilege to be a part of this very special evening.
Bill Cumberlidge, GC Aviation Partners Limited (GCAP)

The Airline Strategy Awards continue to deliver a high level audience of aviation professionals due to the prestigious award categories and quality of the London venue.  The networking at this event is one of the best I attend all year.  Congratulations to the Flight Airline Business team.
Alison Weller, Access Group

It was a super nice evening! A great event! Thanks so much for inviting us!!!
Chrianne Delescen, Engine Alliance

Outstanding evening. Glad to see so many friends, and make some new ones! Thank you for including me.
Chris Meyer, Kallman Worldwide

Thank you so much for the opportunity, a very special event.
Lewis Prebble, Rolls-Royce

I wanted to thank you for another wonderful evening! The weather was on our side this year and the evening ran smoothly, and a great success. Thank you for all the hard work you and the ASA team put in to making it such a special evening.
Ben Leon, Bravo Lima

The event was great as were the people.
Hayley Armstrong, HEICO

We had a great night!
Bob Dick, Panasonic

Having attended the 2017 Airline Strategy Awards hosted by Flight Global in London at the incredible venue of Middle Temple for the first time I was incredibly impressed by the level of seniority in the attendees, the relaxed atmosphere and convivial ease of networking. The awards themselves gave incredible insight to us as a start up airline on critical matters to airline success, and comments alone from the wide cross section of industry experts were worth the attendance alone. An incredible venue, a jam packed room full of high calibre industry professionals along with fabulous food and wine make the event a winning formulae! We’ll be back!
Nicholas Davis, Powd' Air

Thanks very much for another excellent event. As usual a superb dinner and an entertaining and informative introduction by Max Elvis Kingsley-Jones. I also appreciated very much the allocation of my seating with very interesting discussions across the industry.
Jan Molarin, SAS

Absolutely, great evening with amazing people. Privileged to be part of the evening.
Naveed Kapadia, Airways Aviation

Great event as usual
Alex de Gunten, HEICO

The Airline Strategy Awards are always a great occasion to network with key individuals in the global commercial aviation sector, but always in a convivial and relaxed atmosphere of friendship. We feel privileged to be invited each year and look forward to the occasion immensely.
Clive Richardson, Access Group

Just a short note to say how much that our CEO, Achma Asokan and I enjoyed the recent Airline Strategy Awards 2017 dinner in London. The Middle Temple venue was unique, and the food, organization and delivery were superb. More importantly, we mark our calendars annually for the event as an opportunity for us to rekindle relationships with clients and friends (old and new) from across Europe and the world. This year was no exception.
James W Foster, Airlinepros

What’s impressive is that you maintain the quality of the event year after year – it’s always an enjoyable evening.
David Huttner, nyras


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